PSA Testing Conducted & Supported by The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

December 2016

Record Number of Tests in One Day

On December the 10th, our team in Bromley, led by Colin Wright, achieved a record breaking 376 PSA tests in one day!

Well done to Colin and his team for this great achievement.

We have now almost completed 3000 PSA tests through the Masonic Initiative, discovering 28 cancers so far that may not have previously been identified, giving those men the best chance for the future.


27th & 28th Cancer Found

The 27th cancer identified from the 2549 tests carried out through our Masonic test events, was discovered in a chap in his early 70's with a PSA over 10 found to have a Gleason 4+3 Cancer. Treated via a radical surgery.

The gentleman confirmed with the 28th cancer found, is in his late 60's who went to the Marlow Event with a PSA over 15 and a Free to Total well below the "magic" 18% threshold, found to have a Gleason Grade 7 cancer which has been operated on.

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