PSA Testing Conducted & Supported by The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

January 2012

Catalan Customers Donate £2000

Customer’s of Catalan Restaurant in Warwick have been donating £1 a table to owner Malcolm Cook’s Charity Bike ride through Kenya’s Rift Valley planned for mid 2011. Unfortunately due to a lack of riders able to raise sufficient funds, the trip had to be cancelled.

Malcolm wanted to make sure the money raised went to a cause that he felt an affinity with and as he had undergone surgery for Prostate Cancer during 2011 he offered the funds to us.

Graham said “The donation from Malcolm and his customers means that we have been able to purchase bioscanners for the early detection of cancers that will be used locally in the Warwick area”. Malcolm added “The reason I have been able to eliminate the cancer and minimise chances of it returning is precisely due to the early detection of the tumour. I was lucky in that my GP ticked the box marked PSA when I was undergoing a blood test. If he hadn’t ticked that box I may well not have learned of the cancer until it was too late to do anything. Graham’s focus on early detection means that many more men can be lucky by finding out their “bad luck” before it’s too late”!
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