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March 2013

Caterham Rotary Club

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There are around 40,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer Diagnosed in the UK each year. Of those, some 10,000 men lose their lives primarily due to the Cancer having spread outside of the Prostate Gland. If caught early, Prostate Cancer can be treated with excellent future prognosis for the patient.

It was against this background that Caterham Rotary Club ran a Prostate Awareness event in conjunction with The Graham Fulford Trust on Thursday 28
th February at The Surrey National Golf Club who kindly donated their premises for the evening.

The Trust which has over the past 8 years helped carry out some 25,000 PSA blood tests leading to the diagnosis of 560 cancers to date, recently launched a trial using a new test based on 2 biomarkers which are aimed at indicating a man’s chance of developing the more aggressive form of the disease thereby reducing the number of painful and potentially harmful biopsies.
Speaking for the charity Graham Fulford said, "The standard PSA test has its critics and the new test, termed HK2, will hopefully give us a more meaningful guide to a man’s condition and allay many of the fears that currently exist". 

Over 60 local men took part in the event, which involved them providing a sample of their blood on the night using a new hand held machine, which gave the result within 10 minutes. The aim of the trial was to run the new HK2 test on a sample of around 10% of the initial tests taken on the night. These will then be sent to a purpose built laboratory in Cambridge with the results going to the man in 1- 2 weeks.

President of Caterham Rotary Club Peter Georgiades commented “This is the 3
rd event that we have run in conjunction with the Graham Fulford Trust and we see this as an important part of our annual activities in providing a service to the community and highlighting to all men the importance of taking care of their health.”
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