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Rotary UK & Ireland Charity Bike Ride, 21st June: Father's Day

Dear All, I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Shipston Rotary Club have nominated us to be the beneficiary of the above....their event is a 10 Mile circuit around Ilmington....aptly named by Bob the Organiser the "Tour de Ilmington" !! Apparently this is the first time ALL Rotary Clubs are holding the same event on the same day and credit has to go to PCUK and other Cancer Charities for getting them to do it. Bob from Shipston feels that if it's a success it may be continued next year. The really good news for us is that each club has the right to nominate a specific Prostate Cancer Cause if they wish to and this is exactly what Shipston have done. The even better news is that Warwick Rotary Club and Meriden Rotary Club have decided to follow suit and nominate us and....if we can get enough support will join us in a few laps of Warwick Racecourse the same day. We have the blessing of the Racecourse MD and whilst the road round the inside of the course itself is a bit uneven in places at least it's off road and is very suitable for families. If you feel you would like to help us raise funds by joining either the "full blown" event at Ilmington....or the more informal event at Warwick Racecourse please email Wendy or ring her on 07748 614753. Unfortunately I'll be attending the wedding celebrations of Jim Walton's youngest son Stephen that weekend in Cumbria so won't be able to join you....Jim was one of the reasons we started this charity....losing his life to this insidious disease 10 years I'm sure you'll understand why I'd like to be there. If you know any keen cyclists who might like to get involved please put them on to Wendy. Many thanks Graham
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