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Welcome to the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust supporting prostate cancer awareness and early diagnosis through PSA testing.

Links to our partner organisations



 The Prostate Cancer Support Federation (Tackle prostate cancer) is an organisation of UK patient-led prostate cancer support groups. It is the only UK-wide patient-led charity that acts and speaks for prostate cancer patients and their families. Membership of the Federation is open to any patient-led support group. It produces a very helpful booklet to help newly diagnosed patients "Knowledge Empowers". 



 PCaSO stands for Prostate Cancer Support Organisation and is a charity for men diagnosed with prostate cancer run by patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

It covers the Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and surrounding areas in the UK.




CHAPS is a registered charity which aims to raise awareness and support the development of new health services directly targeted at men’s needs to enable them to take care of their own health and well being.

Originally founded in 2000 as a local prostate cancer charity – Colchester Has Active Prostate Support – CHAPS now aims to be an advocate for all men’s health issues.

Medical Detection Dogs


We are working with  Medical Detection Dogs to assist in their study into testing for prostate disease using urine samples taken at some of our PSA testing events.

" The need to find an early, accurate, non-invasive way to test for prostate and other urological cancers is driven by the desire to spare many men undergoing unnecessary biopsies. "

Boston Scientific


Boston Scientific   

 This is a multi billion dollar company who's motto is: "Advancing Science for Life". 

They've recently launched "SpaceOAR Hydrogel". This is a NICE approved water-based hydrogel spacing device which has recently been adopted by NHS England's Innovation Technology Programme (ITP).

For further details click (here)

The Prostate Project



The Prostate Project is a registered charity established in 1998 by prostate cancer patient Colin Stokes and his consultant urological surgeon, Mr John Davies. Their ambition is to give men a better chance of beating prostate cancer.

Other useful links

Birmingham Prostate Clinic



The Birmingham Prostate Clinic is a national centre of excellence providing advanced treatment for the prostate, bladder, penile and urethral conditions. 

Founded by consultant urologist Alan Doherty, the clinic provides lots of very useful information on diagnosis, treatments and general advice.

Prostate Cancer UK


 Prostate Cancer UK funds research and education to beat prostate disease. They were formed by the merger of Prostate UK and Prostate Cancer Research Foundation in October 2010. They are excellent for literature and are heavily into education of GP's and Nurses. 

ProstateHealth UK


  The team at ProstateHealth UK know that early detection of prostate cancer saves lives. Governed by Professor David Neal,  Chair of Surgical Oncology and Clinical Director of Urology at the University of Cambridge, their aim is to provide understandable and up to date information on prostate cancer.