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Welcome to the website of the

Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

a charity set up and run by Graham Fulford to reduce suffering from prostate cancer by raising awareness and promoting early diagnosis through PSA testing.

The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust was set up by Graham Fulford to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer following the diagnosis of a close friend who died at the age of 58 and a close family member who died in 2007 with prostate cancer after a valiant fight.

Prostate Cancer UK has produced a set of statements, representing the consensus view of hundreds of health professionals, to support primary health care professionals to use the PSA test more effectively for men without symptoms of prostate cancer. The set of thirteen consensus statements, providing additional guidance to Public Health England's Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme (PCRMP), will drive improvements in the early detection of prostate cancer in men without symptoms whilst aiming to avoid over treatment and reduce variation in practice.  

To read these statement please visit

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Our testing program with the Masons has been very successful, to date having tested over 6000 men. We have uncovered 62 cancers through this program, from a total of 416 Red Letters. Full results from the program to date can be seen here.

We find ourselves in late 2017 having achieved a total of over 60,000 tests with more than 1000 cancers found and treated.

Of these 335 (+/-10%) were found in men between the ages of 45 & 65.

We are committed to continuing our work, offering men PSA tests close to their homes, workplaces and leisure spots.



Key Activity Our key activity is the arrangement of
PSA Testing
sessions throughout the country.

Our results are processed by our consultant urologist who analyses the results and then sends each man a green, amber or red letter with the results. The red letters are followed up after 6 months and the ambers after 12 months.

All men from the age of 45 onwards (40 if they have a family history of prostate or breast cancer) are our main beneficiaries! We try to educate and encourage them to be aware of their health and not to be fobbed off when they are quite within their rights to insist on a PSA test from their GPs.

We are hopeful that, with the current new data coming through showing how many lives would be saved if a PSA blood screening programme was set up, we are getting closer!

All men should take note of their PSA score!
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