Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

Welcome to the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust supporting prostate cancer awareness and early diagnosis through PSA testing.

About Us

The Charity

The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust (GFCT) was set up by Graham Fulford to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer following the diagnosis of a close friend who died at the age of 58 and a close family member who died in 2007 with prostate cancer after a valiant fight. 


Since 2004, together with our partners, GFCT have been involved in testing over 100,000 men and conducting over 140,000 tests so far [December 4th 2019].  

Consequently, there has been over 1820 known cancers identified that otherwise may not have been discovered.

Upcoming PSA Test Events


The following are the upcoming events in our calendar. 

Note some are run by different groups that we support and some may be closed events (i.e. not public).

For more details, please contact us

No upcoming events.